Compressed Air Dryer Packages

The clean dry air package CDA-10 is a complete, enclosed, compact unit, consisting of an oilless compressor, regenerative desiccant air dryer, regulator, coalescing and particulate filters. This packages is great for applications requiring low volumes of clean-dry compressed air at pressures up to 5 Bar. Unit comes equipped with convenient carrying handles.

CDA -10 Compressed Dryer Air Package

The regenerative desiccant air dryers are designed to maximize the efficiency of the air drying process. This package includes a fan-cooled aftercooler to cool the air entering the desiccant dryer and a coalescing prefilter with automatic drain to remove condensed liquid water & aerosols to increase drying efficiency. Also included is a particulate afterfilter to remove desiccant dust to protect downstream applications.
Moisture and contaminates in compressed air can cause operational problems for users and equipment. Some common problems include corrosion of equipment, freezing of outdoor air lines, and contamination of processes and products. This can result in increased maintenance, higher operating costs, damage to products, and lost production capacity. For these reasons, compressed clean-dry air (CDA) is essential for industrial and laboratory use. Some examples of sensitive pneumatic, process, and lab applications are: pneumatic automation, infrared spectroscopy, lasers, continuous emissions monitoring, nitrogen replacement, and cryogenics.
Model No. Max Outlet SLPM Dew Point
CDA-10 10 -73°C ADP

  • Reliable oilless compressor to assure oil-free air at all times.
  • Equipped with rocking piston pump technology for long interval times between maintenance and easy service.
  • Proven regenerative desiccant heatless air dryer uses twin tower technology for continuous dry air supply.

  • Environmental Chambers
  • Laboratory Applications
  • Particle Measurement
  • Dry Purge Gas
  • Waveguide Dryer
  • Dry Nitrogen Replacement

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